Saturday, 16 May 2009

The VeggieTrader

Thanks to Marisol Pierce-Quinonez for bringing this one to my attention. VeggieTrader is the new Craigslist for the sustainable-foodie-locavore. Tagged as "your place to trade, buy or sell local homegrown produces" VeggieTrader is the latest attempt to connect fresh, homegrown garden produce with the community.

How it works:

1. Join the Community (it is free!)
2. Browse or post listings
3. Close the deal

Of course, it's not that easy. As always there are legal issues buying and selling produce. Questions about licenses, taxes, crossing state lines, and pesticides are answered via the informative website. It is notable that posting meat, eggs, dairy products, or any illegal items is prohibited and a violation of the Terms of Use.

What a great revolution for home growers, new food markets and community endeavors. Unfortunately there were no postings in the Boston area. The site started in San Francisco. Hopefully it catches on, since I don't have space for a home garden. Happy trading!

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