Saturday, 30 April 2011

Beyoncé's Let's Move video

I liked it. It doesn't get an "A" on every plank of the checklist, but it does well on most. Friends have asked, does the video feed the notion that exercise alone without food is enough? The cafeteria tray at the start and apple at the end earn the video a B+ for food, not worse. Friends have asked, what about sexist stereotypes and high heels in the workout? Although she is a bit ... um ... unrestrained, Beyoncé seems like a star in command of her world happily flaunting good looks, very different from the nearly naked bodies explicitly at the service of a male star's gaze, which is more typical of the genre. In related workout videos, people wear more realistic clothes. Again, a B+ not worse. Making a school cafeteria and its neatly dressed students look cool and appealing gets an A. Message that physical fitness is cool and appropriate for kids of all sizes gets an A. Comments welcome.

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