Monday, 5 November 2012


Dear Foodies,
Bad news.  Walmart has decided to sell unlabeled, untested, Monsanto sweet corn.
Our response is here but despite thousands of public comments, Walmart has not changed their position.
On September 8th, we need to make sure that they hear from us directly.   We’re asking everybody to come together in a statewide day of action to make sure Walmart knows exactly how you feel about this decision.  We’ll be dropping off letters in person to each Walmart in the state on Saturday, September 8th at Noon.
Here’s the plan:
RSVP to the Sacremento Walmart Yes on 37 events!
Find a local Walmart near you.
Get your friends, family, and others together.
Write a letter expressing your feeling, or simply print and sign your name to the one below.
On September 8th at noon, deliver your letter in person to your local Walmart.  Ask to speak to a manager to deliver your letter directly.

Here’s some tips:
Make it fun!  Dress like corn, carry corn related items, or have signs with you.
Take pictures of yourself and the other activists outside the store.
Keep it civil and polite.  We want to deliver a message, not cause trouble.  If we’re asked to leave, we should leave.
Print out Yes on 37 Flyers to distribute to customers.
With everyone in the state involved, we KNOW we can get our message to Walmart out loud and clear.  They need to do two things. First, they should only sell Monsanto’s sweet corn if it is clearly labeled.  Second, they need to respond to the overwhelming support for labeling and endorse “Yes on 37”, because it’s our right to know what’s in our food.
Let’s make sure they hear us!
Dave, Lisa and the Food Democracy Now! team

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